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Discover AllinOne, a comprehensive, intuitive platform that offers exceptional solutions for all your digital projects.
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AllinOne is used by over
350 customers and teams to create, collaborate and develop beautiful websites on an entirely visual canvas - no programming required.

So everyone can concentrate on what they do best.



Manage multiple sites with a single tool. Your public site, but also your extranet. The content is the same, but the sites differ in terms of web design.

Blocks &<br><span>page management</span>

Blocks &
page management

Create your pages effortlessly with our block system, offering great flexibility in the creation and personalization of your content.

Content management

Content management

Images, text, video... manage your resources in any format with minimum effort and total simplicity!

Integrated <span>DAM</span>

Integrated DAM

Master the management of your digital files with our solution, which gives you total control and efficient organization of your resources.

Users<br><span>& rights</span>

& rights

Thanks to fully integrated user management, you can effortlessly control all rights & authorizations.

Integrated CRM, <span>E-commerce</span>

Integrated CRM, E-commerce

Take full control of your customer relationships with total integration, enabling comprehensive tracking, effective communication and advanced personalization within our platform.

Tools and<br><span>modules</span>

Tools and

Discover our tools and modules, designed to meet a wide range of needs, while offering your users a completely personalized experience.

Reasons to trust AllinOne

Exceptional versatility,
extensive functionality and
optimized user experience.

+16 000

More than 16,000 hours of development

+16 000

More than 16,000 hours of development


Used and appreciated by our clients for over 20 years


More than 350 clients use our AIO solution


More than 12 million in revenue in 1 day, record of the AIO Ecommerce


More than 80 million annual revenue generated by websites created with AIO Ecommerce

+250 000

People use a website created by iomedia daily

Tailor-made solutions

Designed for specific fields of application, 100% results-oriented.


Powerful, simple and reliable tools

A range of essential tools to boost performance and efficiency

Mailing tool

The mailing tool that lets you send newsletters automatically generated by AIO CMS.

Planning tool

The planning tool to optimize your time management.

URL Redirect

The tool that simplifies your page addresses to make them more quickly accessible.

Form manager

The tool that lets you create forms in just a few clicks, configurable with a payment module.


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