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AllinOne is used by over
350 customers and teams to create, collaborate and develop beautiful websites on an entirely visual canvas - no programming required.

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Manage all your sites (public, intranet, extranet...) with a single tool! Shared content, specific environments. The result: greater efficiency!

<span>Headless CMS</span><br>Specifications

Headless CMS

Flexible building blocks for creating modern digital experiences, without the constraints of traditional content management systems.

<span>Managing pages</span><br>with blocks

Managing pages
with blocks

Our solution offers maximum flexibility for composing each of your pages with dynamic blocks, content blocks, multimedia blocks or simple blocks.



Our solution has been tried and tested on projects involving more than 10 languages, including Chinese and Simplified Chinese, American and British English, and Arabic.

Site structure<br><span>management</span>

Site structure

You can manage your site's tree structure quickly and easily.

You can manage multiple navigations (headers and footers, for example), with drag-and-drop elements.

CDN <br><span>integration</span>


To cope with heavy traffic from all over the world, we set up CDNs.

We have experience with Akamai (site of the America's Cup in 2007 and also a major watchmaking project) and Amazon Cloudfront.

These solutions enable us to deliver your content as close as possible to the visitor's location, improving the speed of access to your site.

other features

Our system offers a full range of site management features to give you total control over your content.

Site manager in figures

+1 mio

More than 1 million pages
created by our clients

+1 mio

More than 1 million pages
created by our clients


Used and appreciated by our clients for over 20 years


More than 350 clients use our AIO solution


More than 12 million in revenue in 1 day, record of the AIO Ecommerce


More than 80 million annual revenue generated by websites created with AIO Ecommerce

+250 000

People use a website created by iomedia daily

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